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Our dream come true

A few years ago…

Posada Rural and Senderos Oasis is a family project that began in 2005.

The idea came from Doña Alba Sequeira who was a councilwoman for the municipality of Los Chiles in 2003.

In those years, Doña Alba promoted the development of Rural Tourism in Caño Negro through the JAZON organization, which involved and trained several Caño Negro families for the “family vacations” program where the objective was to promote foreign visitors staying in Costa Rican family homes. From that moment on the Gutiérrez Sequeira family started building their dream, creating their first cabin in 2005. By 2009 they had three cabins.

Posada Rural and Senderos Oasis is a 30-hectare agro-tourism farm where visitors, in addition to enjoying their comfortable rooms, can be part of the everyday activities that take place on the farm such as:

  • Making cheese
  • Milking cows
  • Gathering eggs
  • Feeding the animals
  • Visiting the garden where much of the family’s food is produced

The Posada is known for its tranquility, cleanliness and security, and especially for the personalized service given with family warmth, making guests feel they are part of the family, rather than visitors.

In recent years, the Gutiérrez Sequeira family has received technical training that has helped them raise the quality of their services without losing the essence of their business.


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